CANON Printer ID Lattering Machine Mk- 1500/ Mk 2600

Simple and easy to use standard model

Easy to type note book PC like QWERTY key board ensures both comfort and efficiency, Setting the  material is very easy with standard cable attachment. Simple operation is fundamental factor for productivity, Light weight and handy design allows you take the machine to the field easily. This mobility is another practical point of this product.

Print length adjustment

The print length can be adjusted in steps of 0.01 %. Precise pitch control is useful in creating an introduction plate for terminal blocks. Multiple reiteration of same character line and group printing; different set of a certain character lines, are available in easy compiling function. Sequential numbering is now available in 4 digit.

Memory and folders

Internal memory can store as much as approximately 60,000 characters; Up to 10 folders can be created and Every folder can save up to 99 files. Full/ half automatic cut is selectable. Depth control, cutting speed control is  available from control panel. A convenient feature to assist quality finish.

Standard PC connectivity

Data can be sent from the PC to the printer, allowing you to create large quantities of data with ease. In addition to the existing original files, the printer can read CSV– format files. This feature greatly reduces the time required for field work. With high contrast, distinctive back lit display, operating the machine is the dimly it work place. It guide’s you through the menu to the necessary settings such as material and the size of the characters without stress.


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MK- 1500; 2600 setiap varian nya dapatkan harga menariknya dengan pembelian 3 (Tiga) unit; masih ada harga khusus untuk area DKI Jakarta
CANON. MK- 1500; 2600




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